Artist's statement

I have long been fascinated by the process of applying tremendous heat and pressure over time to transform carbon into diamonds. I’m curious how such forces can change the psyche.

I want to explore how pain, grief, fear, lies, anger and disappointment are transformed by time, pressure, socialization, relationships, and other factors, to become healing, joy, relief, truth, hope and love.


The textures, colours, composition, gestures, movement, shapes—the materiality of my art —explore points, moments or facets of this process of changing darkness into light.

My creative process can start with an idea, a word, an image, a feeling, a memory, or simply through artistic exploration. I internalize the concept, and cycle between phases of rationalization and emotional awareness. This feeds my art, which is a personal expression of my experience and how I myself am changing.


I hope that you enjoy my abstract contemporary art and that it can play some small part in your own journey.


About Philippe Carrier

I grew up in beautiful and snowy Québec City.

After bouncing around between college programs and various jobs, I settled down and have now been working in corporate communications for almost 15 years.


As a child, I was always interested in writing and art. Poetry was my first love, and I poured my heard and soul into it. When I ran out of words, I eventually found fine art photography. I focused on macro art in nature, as well as floral and ice abstracts.

Becoming a dad changed my priorities and free time(!), and my camera accumulated dust. The itch to create prevailed, and I discovered that painting allowed me to express all that the words and photos could, and more!

 © 2019 by Philippe Carrier.

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